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Wash. Rev. Code § 41.05.042

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Health information — Processes, guidelines, and standards

The lead organization must, by December 1, 2001, develop guidelines and standards that are consistent with HIPPA and address the following:

  •         Identifying and prioritizing high value health data. Washington classifies prescriptions, immunization records, lab results, allergies, and diagnostic imaging as high value health data.
  •         Processes to request, submit, and receive data
  •         Data Security as it relates to (1) storage, access, encryption, and password protection, (2) the means of addressing data requests; (3) unauthorized access or disclosure of personal health information; and (4) authenticating individuals that request access to records and auditing record requests.
  •         Creation of patient education materials that utilize plain language to explain to patients how to access and manage their information on the exchange.
  •         Creation of education materials for health care providers relating to the use and security of the health information exchange.

Current as of June 2015