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W. Va. Code § 16-5F-4 - Reports required to be published and filed; form of reports; right of inspection

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Any covered facility and related organization ( hospital, skilled nursing facility, kidney disease treatment center, including a free-standing hemodialysis unit; intermediate care facility; ambulatory health care facility; ambulatory surgical facility; home health agency; hospice agency; rehabilitation facility; health maintenance organization; or community mental health or intellectual disability facility, whether under public or private ownership or as a profit or nonprofit organization and whether or not licensed or required to be licensed, in whole or in part, by the state) must file with the Board or publish within 120 days after the end of the fiscal year, an annual report that includes:

  • A statement of assets and liabilities, income and expenses, and profit and loss for the reported time;
  • A statement of ownership for any owner with more than a 5% interest.

All covered facilities and related organizations must also file with the Board, the following information:

  • A statement of services available and services rendered;
  • Statement of the facility’s total financial needs;
  • A complete schedule of the covered facility’s then current rates with costs allocated to each category of costs;
  • A copy of reports made or filed with the federal health care financing administration;
  • A statement of charges and salaries for all goods and services rendered to the covered facility for the reported time period that exceeds $55,000 and a statement of charges and fees collected by the covered facility that exceeds $55,000;
  • Other reports required by the Board;
  • Copy of state and federal tax returns.

No report or information submitted under this section may contain personally identifiable medical information.  All such reports must be available for public inspection.  Copies of the reports must be made available to a member of the public on request with cost-based fee associated with providing the copies.  However, tax return filings must remain confidential and may not be disclosed to the public. 

The Board has the authority to request additional information when needed to verify the accuracy of the information provided.  The Board may on occasion conduct studies or research on health care costs or the financial status of covered facilities, and make determinations on whether rate changes by the facilities are justified.

Current as of June 2015