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VA Code Ann. § 32.1-276.4 - Agreements for certain data services

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The Commissioner of Insurance must enter into agreements or contracts with a non-profit organization that will collect, store, and analyze data submitted by providers to the All-Payer Claims Database.  The non-profit organization must be governed by a board of directors made up of various health care stakeholders.  Any such agreement must also require the  non-profit organization’s board of directors to:

  • Develop and disseminate health care quality and efficiency information to assist businesses and consumers in making health care purchasing decisions;
  • Prepare and make public summaries or reports based on the data collected;
  • Collect, compile, and publish Health Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS) information or reports or other quality of care or performance information sets;
  • Jointly determine with the Board of Medicine any data concerning safety services and quality health care services rendered to Medicaid recipients that should be identified, collected, and disseminated. The Board must also determine the costs of requiring physicians to identify, submit, or collect such information and identify sufficient funding sources to allow physicians to collect the data;
  • Maintain the confidentiality and security of the data;
  • Submit an annual report to the Board, the Governor, and the General Assembly, including an audit and analysis of the All-Payer Claims Database;
  • Submit strategic plans to the Board, the Governor, and the General Assembly recommending specific data projects to be undertaken and specifying data elements to be collected;
  • Competitively bid or competitively negotiate all aspects of all data projects, if feasible.

The Department must also take steps to promote public awareness of the data and how consumers can best use the data to inform decisions.

Current as of June 2015