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Special participation requirements for shared health facilities - 62 Pa. Stat. Ann. § 1403

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The minimum care requirements for a shared health facility are as follows:

  • Maintain proper recipient records which contain the following information:
    • The full name, address and medical assistance record number of each recipient;
    • The dates of all visits;
    • The chief complaint for each visit;
    • Pertinent history and all physical examinations;
    • Diagnostic impressions from each visit;
    • All medications prescribed;
    • The precise dosage and prescription regimens for each medication prescribed;
    • The results of all x-ray, laboratory work and electrocardiograms; and
    • All referrals to other medical practitioners and the reason for such referral
  • Maintain a central day-book registry to record the name, medical assistance record number and chief complaint of all recipients entering the facility; and
  • Providers must communicate in writing to any referring provider the diagnostic evaluation and the therapy rendered; the referring provider must incorporate such information into the recipient’s permanent record.

The department will have the right to inspect the business records and recipient records of any provider in the facility.

Current as of June 2015