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Revised Statutes Annotated of the State of New Hampshire §151:39

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“Commissioner’s duties and responsibilities under the hospitals and sanitaria law”

The Department of Health and Human Services must establish an adverse health event reporting system designed to facilitate quality improvement in the health care system. The reporting system must consist of:

  • Mandatory reporting by facilities of adverse health care events;
  • Mandatory completion of a root cause analysis and a corrective action plan by the facility and reporting the findings of the analysis and the plan to the commissioner or reporting of reasons for not taking corrective action;
  • Analysis of reported information by the department to determine patterns of systemic failure in the health care system and successful methods to correct these failures;
  • Sanctions against facilities for failure to comply with reporting system requirements; and
  • Communication from the department to health care facilities, health care purchasers, and the public to maximize the use of the reporting system to improve health care quality.

Current as of June 2015