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Revised Statutes Annotated of the State of New Hampshire §151:34

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“Statewide database required under the hospitals and sanitaria law”

The Department of Health and Human Services must establish a statewide database of all reported infections for the purpose of monitoring quality improvement and infection control activities in hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities. The department shall establish an infection reporting system capable of receiving electronically transmitted reports from hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities. To assure the accuracy of the self-reported hospital and ambulatory surgical facility infection data and to assure that public reporting fairly reflects what actually is occurring in each hospital and ambulatory surgical facility, the department shall make a quarterly report to the oversight committee on health and human services on its infection rate data.

The commissioner of health and human services must annually report on the department’s website infection rates for each hospital and ambulatory surgical facility, an analysis of trends in the prevention and control of infection rates in hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities across the state, region and nation, and a narrative describing lessons for safety and quality improvement that can be learned from leadership hospitals and programs. 

The commissioner shall consult with technical advisors who have regionally or nationally acknowledged expertise in the prevention and control of infections and infectious diseases in order to develop the adjustment for potential differences in risk factors to be used for public reporting. 

Current as of June 2015