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Retention and production of records – N.M. Stat. Ann. §27-11-4

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New Mexico requires Medicaid providers to retain all medical and business records for at least 6 years.  The relevant records that must be retained pertain to the following:

  1. Treatment or care of any patient for whom the provider received a payment from the Department of Human Services;
  2. Services or foods provided to the provider for which the provider received a payment from the Department;
  3. Amounts paid by Medicaid or the Medicaid provider on behalf of the patient;
  4. Records required by Medicaid under a contract between the Medicaid provider and the Department.

If the Department submits a written request for copies or inspection of records, the Medicaid provider must the copies or inspection within 2 days unless the records are in the possession of a subcontractor or other office, where the records must be provided within 10 days.  If a provider fails to comply with the request, he or she will be in violation of the Medicaid Provider Act.

Current as of June 2015