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Requirements for Reports by Local Health Officer to State Department of Public Health – Cal. Code Regs. tit. 17 § 2502

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“Reports by Local Health Officer to State Department of Public Health”


Each local health officer must report all conditions required by §2500 on a weekly basis to the Director of the State Department of Public Health.  Individual case reports are required for specific diseases designated by the Department.  Information received through the reports is confidential and cannot be disclosed except if required by federal or state law or with the individual’s consent.  A local health officer can disclose any information in the report needed to stop the spread of the disease.  However, the local health officer cannot provide information to the State Department of Public Health on a case that would identify an individual who has applied for or received drug or alcohol abuse services from a federally assisted program, without that individual’s consent.  The individual reports must include:

  • All the information required by §2500
  • Source of infection (if known)
  • Lab findings
  • Clinical signs or symptoms
  • Epidemiological risk factors

An individual case report is required for the specified diseases.


Related Laws:  17 CA ADC §2500



Patients, Physicians, Clinical data, Individually identifiable data, All payer data, Release/disclosure, Notice and consumer protection, Privacy, Public reporting, Public health reporting

Current as of June 2015