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Requirements for the Maintenance of Any Records, Files, or Communications Relating to the Eligibility of an Applicant, the Amount of Aid Received, or Used in Administering Benefits - Mo. Rev. Stat. §208.120

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All individuals employed by the state of Missouri or officers in the state are prohibited from disclosing any information obtained regarding the identity of applicants or recipients of benefits, any records, files, or communications relating to the eligibility of an applicant, the amount of aid received, or in administering benefits.  Such material must also remain confidential in judicial proceedings and is not admissible in court. 

Each county’s Division of Family Services must maintain a monthly list of recipients of benefits and the amount paid to each.  This list must be open to public inspection.  However, any information other than the names, addresses and benefit amounts of the recipients must remain confidential. 

It is illegal for any person or organization to solicit, collect, disclose, receive, or knowingly participate in the use of names for commercial or political purposes or to have the names be published anywhere.  Any person who knowingly violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Current as of June 2015