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Reports - 28 Pa. Code § 29.38

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Every facility where abortions are performed must report the following information to the department on a monthly basis without identifying the individual patient by name:

  • Name and license number of the physician who performed the abortion;
  • Name of the facility, county code, and identification number;
  • Name and license number of referring physician, agency or service, if any;
  • The county and city, township, or borough and state, in which the woman resides;
  • The woman’s age, race, education and marital status;
  • The number of prior pregnancies, including the number of live births, now living and now dead, and the number of abortions, spontaneous and induced;
  • The date of the woman’s last menstrual period and the probable gestational age of the unborn child;
  • The types of procedures performed or prescribed and the date of the abortion;
  • Complications, if any;
  • Concurrent conditions, if any;
  • Physician’s determination of viability;
  • The length and weight of the aborted unborn child when measurable;
  • Basis for any medical judgment that a medical emergency exists;
  • The date of the required medical consultation wherein the physician determines that the abortion is necessary;
  • The date on which any determination of pregnancy was made;
  • If the fetus is viable, the basis for the physician’s determination that the abortion is necessary to preserve the life or health of the woman;
  • If the fetus is not viable, the physician’s basis for such determination;
  • Whether or not the expelled products were examined by a pathologist or other designated qualified person; and
  • Whether the abortion was paid for by the patient, by Medical Assistance, by medical insurance coverage, or by other method of payment.

These reports are not public records, but information contained therein that does not identify the physician performing the procedure will be publicly available.

Every facility in which an abortion is performed must quarterly file with the department a report showing the total number of abortions performed within the facility, and the total number of abortions performed in each trimester of pregnancy.  Such reports will be available for public inspection and must include the name, mailing address and county of the facility. 

All reports of maternal deaths arising from pregnancy, childbirth or intentional abortion must be reported to the department and include the following information:

  • Name of deceased;
  • Date of death of deceased;
  • Date of birth of deceased;
  • Race of deceased;
  • Location of death, including name of medical facility, street address, city, borough or township, and county;
  • Residence of deceased, including state, county, and city, borough, or township;
  • Cause of death, including immediate and underlying causes, interval between onset and death, and other significant conditions;
  • Physician’s estimate of length of gestation;
  • Date of disposition and disposition of pregnancy;
  • Whether the woman was under the care of a physician at any time both 21 or more days after the time she became pregnant and within 60 days prior to her death; and
  • Name and license number of physician certifying death and completing this form.

Every physician who provides medical care or treatment to a woman relating to a complication or complications resulting from having undergone an abortion or an attempted abortion must report to the department the following information:

  • Age of patient;
  • Number of pregnancies patient may have had prior to the abortion, including the number of live births, now living and now dead, and abortions, spontaneous and induced;
  • Number and type of abortions patient may have had prior to this abortion;
  • Name and address of the facility where the abortion was performed;
  • Gestational age of the unborn child at the time of the abortion, if known;
  • Type of abortion performed and date, if known;
  • Nature of complication;
  • Medical treatment given;
  • The nature and extent, if known, of any permanent condition caused by the complication;
  • Date of first examination of patient; and
  • Name and license number of attending physician.

Such information will be available to the public. 

Current as of June 2015