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Reporting Requirements for Healthcare Providers Regarding Financial Data and Submission of Data on Nonsocomial Infections - Mo. Rev. Stat. §192.667

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The statute above requires all health care providers and hospitals to report specific information to the Department of Health and Senior Services (Department) annually, including charge data, patient abstract data and financial data. 

Under the statute, health care providers must report charge data to the Department at least annually, while hospitals must report patient abstract data and financial data annually.  Additionally, hospitals (defined as facilities providing care for not less than twenty-four consecutive hours and for at least three or more persons, excluding nursing homes) must report patient abstract data for both inpatient and outpatient clients.  Also, ambulatory surgical centers must report patient abstract data to the Department.  In particular, the statute states that the Department shall collect data on the incidence of nosocomial infections at hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and other facilities.

The information collected by the Department shall not be made public.  However, reports and studies prepared by the Department based on this information may be public and may also identify individual health care providers. Additionally, the Department may authorize the use of the data by other research organizations pursuant to the provisions of section 192.067. The Department may not use or release any information provided under this section which could be used to determine a health care provider's negotiated discounts with preferred provider organizations or other managed care organizations. Also, the Department may not release data in a form which could be used to identify a patient. Any violation of this subsection of the statute is a class A misdemeanor.

The statute requires the Department to undertake a “reasonable number” of studies and publish information based on this data, including at least an annual consumer guide. When doing so, the Department must allow providers, associations and related organizations who have submitted data for a report to review and comment on the report prior to its publication and may include any such comments in the publication if the department does not change the publication based upon those comments. The report must be made available to the public for a reasonable charge.

Providers and hospitals failing to comply with these requirements shall not be allowed to participate in any program administered by the state or to receive any moneys from the state. 

In consultation with the infection control advisory panel established pursuant to section 197.165, the Department must also develop and disseminate to the public reports based on data compiled for a period of twelve months. Such reports must be updated quarterly and show for each hospital, ambulatory surgical center, and other facility a risk-adjusted nosocomial infection incidence rate for the following types of infection:

(1) Class I surgical site infections;

(2) Ventilator-associated pneumonia;

(3) Central line-related bloodstream infections;

(4) Other categories of infections that may be established by rule by the department.

Related laws:  V.A.M.S. 192.067

Current as of June 2015