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Release of Information, 048-0018-6 Wyo. Code R. § 3

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Release of Information 
Allows mental health or substance abuse program clients or their representatives to authorize the release of the client’s confidential information by signing an authorization form. Specifies the information that programs must include in this form (e.g., name of the person or entity receiving the information, client’s name, purpose of release, etc.). Requires programs to document the release of information in a client’s clinical record. Permits programs to release necessary information without a signed consent if there is a life-threatening situation or the client’s condition or situation prevents them from consenting. Specifies the information that programs must document in a client’s clinical record when releasing information in such emergency situations (e.g., date of of the release, the reason the client could not consent, the reason for the information release, etc.).

Current as of January 2019