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Records; confidentiality, A.R.S. § 36-2220

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“Records; confidentiality; definition”
Arizona classifies records and data maintained by the department of health services in relation to the emergency medical services system and trauma system as public records. Patient records (e.g., clinical records, lab reports, etc.), health care quality assurance information, and health care review information are not available to the public. Arizona classifies as confidential all medical records maintained by the statewide trauma system’s prehospital component; such records may only be publically released upon receiving the written authorization of a patient or their representative. The public may access information within a prehospital incident history report to the extent that state or federal laws do not protect such information.
Arizona classifies records and information that the department of health services prepares in relation to investigating an emergency medical care technician as confidential. The public may access the results of an investigation once the investigation closes.