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Record keeping; optometrists, Ariz. Admin. Code § 4-21-305

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Licensed optometrists must maintain patient records for at least 6 years following a patient’s last interaction with the optometrist. Optometrists must document each examination in these records and include specified information (e.g., a patient’s health history, diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, etc.). Arizona allows optometrists to maintain electronic records or convert records to electronic format. Optometrists must maintain these records in compliance with all applicable confidentiality and security laws.
Optometrists that cease their practice must ensure that patients have access to their records for at least 6 years after their practice ends. Optometrists must respond to a patient’s request to access their records by providing an electronic or paper copy of the records within 5 days of receiving the request. Optometrists may impose a production fee for these records.