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Purpose and Confidentiality of Patients’ Medical Records - Mo. Rev. Stat. §192.067

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The statute above authorizes the Department of Health and Senior Services to receive information from patient medical records in order to conduct research, in particular epidemiological studies used to promote the health of the citizens of Missouri.  The information received may only be used for research purposes or for public reporting, as provided in section 192.667.  All medical record information either abstracted by or reported to the Department for this purpose shall remain confidential.  Additionally, such information may only be released by the Department in aggregate form precluding the identity of the patient, physician or medical facility, with the exception of information shared with public health authorities or co-investigators of a health study abiding by the same confidentiality restrictions, or as required for public health reporting under section 192.667.

The statute provides that individuals or organizations providing information to the Department in accordance with this section shall not be held liable, either civilly or criminally, for releasing confidential information unless acting in bad faith or with malicious purpose.  Also, any Department employee, public health authority or co-investigator of a study who knowingly releases information in violation of this section shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

Related laws: V.A.M.S. 192.667

Current as of June 2015