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Public Access to Data - 90-590-120 Me. Code R. § 3

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Unless otherwise specified, all Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) records may be released to any person.  This includes clinical data that has been cleaned of any personal identifying information, and financial data that has been reviewed by the MHDO Executive Director to ensure that the information is not confidential or protected.  Any data that is claimed to be confidential or privileged is not allowed to be released unless the Executive Director determines otherwise.  Additionally, data that is subject to a protective order may not be released except to the extent that the order may allow.

A request for data from the MHDO  must be in writing and should clearly state what information is being sought, the identity of the requesting party, the purpose of its use and the media on which the data are to be delivered.  If the person requesting the information wishes to inspect and copy MHDO documents, the inspection should be conducted at the offices in which the information released is made available, and the requesting party may be charged reasonable copying fees.

Current as of June 2015