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Pseudoephedrine sales -- tracking, penalty, Iowa Code § 124.212B

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Pseudoephedrine Sales -- tracking -- penalty 
Requires the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy to maintain an electronic repository as a means of monitoring the sale of pseudoephedrine products. Classifies the information maintained in the repository as confidential, but permits disclosure when ordered by a court or when authorized by another state or federal law. Prohibits pharmacies from accessing repository information unless access is necessary to assess the products sold from that pharmacy. Clarifies that pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy employees are not obligated to view stored information nor do they have a duty to obtain central repository information if the electronic system is offline. Requires pharmacies to maintain records in paper form if the electronic system is offline and then submit the information to the repository. Immunizes persons from liability arising from their good faith reporting of sales information to the repository, but makes improper disclosure of repository information a simple misdemeanor.