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Prescription requirements, Ariz. Admin. Code § 4-23-407

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“Prescription Requirements”
Licensed pharmacists must ensure that prescription orders contain specified information regarding the patient receiving the filled prescription, the prescribed drug or device, and the practitioner that prescribed the drug or device. Pharmacists must maintain prescription orders, as a record of dispensing, for at least 7 years. Pharmacists may release copies of prescription orders to patients so long as they indicate on the order that it is a copy for reference purposes. 
Arizona allows pharmacists to transfer prescriptions to another pharmacy so long as they comply with the federal regulations that govern the transfer of controlled substances, limit transfers of non-controlled substances to the number of unfilled authorized refills, and maintain both the original prescription order and the transfer order or 7 years.  Pharmacies may electronically transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies if both pharmacies are under common ownership and utilize a shared database. Transferring and receiving pharmacies’ computer systems must document information regarding, among other items, the date of transfer and the pharmacy or pharmacist that initiates or receives the transfer.
Arizona authorizes e-prescribing by licensed medical practitioners so long as the practitioner and pharmacy comply with federal laws regarding controlled substances and the privacy and security of protected health information.