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Pharmacy-administered immunizations, Ariz. Admin. Code § 4-23-411

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“Pharmacist-administered or Pharmacy or Graduate Intern-administered Immunizations”
Board of Pharmacy certified pharmacists, pharmacy interns, or graduate interns may administer immunizations or vaccines to adult patients if the immunization or vaccine is listed on the CDC’s Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule or recommended by the CDC for international travelers. Pharmacists and interns may administer immunizations or vaccines to minor patients for influenza or in response to a declared public health emergency. Board certified pharmacists or interns may also administer prescribed immunizations or vaccines.
 Certified pharmacists or interns must maintain immunization records that include information regarding the immunization or vaccine administered, the patient receiving the immunization or vaccine, and the patient’s primary care physician. A parental consent form must be included in immunization records for minor patients. Pharmacists or interns must send a written report to a patient’s primary care provider within 48 hours of administering an immunization or vaccination. Pharmacists and interns must maintain these records in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.