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Patient access to physician medical records-Wyo. Admin. & Info. Code R. Board of Medicine, ch. 3 § 4

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A patient may submit an appropriate, signed, written request for release of information contained in the patient's medical records. Within a reasonable time, but no more than thirty days (whichever is shorter) after receiving such release, a physician must make such information readily available. Physicians may choose to provide a summary of the information contained in the record instead of the actual record; if requested, physicians must provide copies of pertinent diagnostic records in addition to (or in lieu of) interpretive summaries. Physicians need not disclose personal office notes or personal communications between referring and consulting physicians relating to the patient that are contained in the record, but may choose to do so if appropriate. A physician may withhold any portion of the record if he or she believes, in good faith, that releasing any portion of the record would be harmful to the health or well-being of the patient. If the physician denies access to all or part of the record, he or she must document the factual basis for and rationale use in denying access. 

A physician may charge reasonable fees for the actual costs incurred in responding to a patient's request for copies of any portion of a patient's medical record, including the cost of copies, clerical and physician staff time spent in reviewing and summarizing records and/or diagnostic records, if necessary. The patient requesting records is responsible for paying all charges, but may not be denied access because of inability to pay. 

The paper, microfilm, or data storage unit on which the information is maintained belongs to the physician and/or the facility in which the physician practices; patients do not have a right to possess the physical medium by which information is stored. 




Current as of June 2015