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Patient Access to Physician Medical Records, 052-0001-3 Wyo. Code R. § 4

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Patient Access to Physician Medical Records
Requires physicians to make medical record information available to patients upon receiving a signed written request for such information from the patient or their authorized representative. Permits physicians to provide either a detailed, comprehensive summary of the information contained in the medical record or a copy of the medical record, but requires physicians to provide copies of diagnostic tests/x-rays when requested. Clarifies that a physician’s notes or communications with other physicians about the patient are not part of the medical record, but permits inclusion of such information in the medical record release if the physician believes it appropriate. Permits physicians to deny access to medical record information if they believe that access is barred by law or that disclosure would jeopardize the patient’s health or wellbeing. Requires physicians to document their reasons for denying access. Permits physicians to charge patients the actual costs of producing the medical records, but prohibits physicians from denying access because a patient cannot pay. Classifies violations of this section as grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with W.S. 33-26-402(a)(xxxi) (permits discipline for violations of board rules or regulations).

Current as of January 2019