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Patient’s rights - 28 Pa. Code § 501.46

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Birthing centers must have written policies and procedures that provide the following rights to patients:

  • Right to confidentiality, anonymity and privacy;
  • Right to receipt of disclosure and discussion of the nature, purposes, expected effects, and results of the medical treatment under consideration, prior to signing an informed consent;
  • Right to control the release of her health record information;
  • Right to disclosure of health record information only upon written authorization of the mother or as otherwise provided by law or third party contractual arrangements;
  • Right to refuse treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal;
  • Right to review or obtain a copy of her medical records; and
  • Right to receive full information of her own and her newborn’s continuing health care requirements following discharge, and the means for meeting them.

Current as of June 2015