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Participation requirements - 55 Pa. Code § 1140.41

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The Healthy Beginnings PLUS Program (HBP) is a comprehensive package of prenatal and postpartum services provided to eligible medical assistance recipients by enrolled qualified providers.  Each client must be assigned a care coordinator to serve as the client’s primary contact and facilitator of multidisciplinary communication.  Contract terms between the HBP provider and the HBP hospital inpatient obstetrical care professional must include the following provisions:

  • Arrangements for transmission of the clients’ prenatal records to the expected hospital of delivery;
  • Language regarding the content of client discharge summaries and the time frame within which they will be sent to the outpatient provider; and
  • Language regarding communication to be conducted between inpatient hospital staff and the outpatient care coordinator about the status of the HBP clients.

The provider must provide interpreter or sign language services for each non-English speaking and hearing-impaired person requesting entrance into the HBP.  The provider must agree to incorporate the HBP care coordination record into its medical/obstetrical record, and shall assure that such records are accessible to all providers involved in the client’s care.  The HBP provider must make statistical data available to the Department as required for evaluation purposes. 


Current as of June 2015