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N.R.S. § 449.490

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Financial statements and reports required to be filed with Department; additional reporting requirements for hospitals with 100 or more beds; availability of complete current charge master

All health care facilities must file with the Department of Health and Human Services the following financial statements or reports at least annually:

  • A balance sheet showing assets, liabilities and net worth;
  • A statement of income and expenses;
  • Hospitals with more than 100 beds must file a capital improvement report with the Department.

In addition, hospitals with 100 or more beds must file the following information with the Department at least annually:

  • Expenses incurred for providing community benefits and in-kind services that the hospital has provided to the community;
  • Statement of policies and procedures for providing discounted charges or reducing charges for individuals without health insurance;
  •  A list of services which the hospital purchased from its corporate office;
  • A cost report of providing care to Medicare patients;
  • Financial information from the consolidated corporation;
  • A statement of policies for patients’ accounts receivable.

A complete charge master must be available at each hospital for inspection by the Director, payors with contracts with the hospital, any payor who has received a bill from the hospital, and any state agency.  The complete and current charge master must be made available to the Department, and if requested, in electronic format.  The Department may review or analyze the information contained in the charge master but may not release the information unless otherwise specified by law.  The Director must require that certain financial statements are certified by an independent public accountant or contain attestations by officials.  The Director must require the filing of all reports by the specified dates and may impose penalties for failure to do so.  The Director must also require the filing of a final annual within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year.  All reports except privileged medical information are open to the public, must be in an easy to understand format, must be available on the Department’s website, and be available for inspection in the Department’s office.

Current as of June 2015