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N.R.S. § 439A-240

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Information concerning surgical centers for ambulatory patients: Establishment of program; information to be collected, maintained and provided through the program

The Department of Health and Human Services must establish a program to increase public awareness of health care information on ambulatory surgical centers.  The program must allow consumers to compare the quality of care of different surgical centers.  The program must include the collection and maintenance of the following information:

  • Charges imposed on outpatients by surgical centers;
  • Quality of care provided by applying uniform measures  of quality prescribed by the Department;
  • Consistency of following recognized practices to prevent patient infections, speed patient recovery, and have fewer medical complications;
  • For each surgical center, the total number of discharged patients, average length of stay, and average billed charges, reported by diagnosis-related groups for the 50 most useful medical treatments for outpatients;
  • The total number of patients discharged from the hospital and the total number of preventable readmissions (expressed as a rate), and the average length of stay and average billed charges for the readmissions;
  • For each surgical center, the name of the physician who performed a surgical procedure, and the total number of surgical procedures performed by the physician, reported by diagnosis-related group, by principle diagnosis, principle surgical procedure and secondary surgical procedure;
  • Any other information related to the costs charged and the quality of care provided in the hospitals determined by the Department to be useful to consumers, nationally recognized, and reported in a standard manner. 

Current as of June 2015