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Notice of insurance information practices, A.R.S. § 20-2104

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“Notice of insurance information practices”
Insurance institutions and insurance producers must provide a notice of information practices whenever a person applies for coverage, renews coverage, seeks to reinstate a policy, or changes benefits. Such notices must specify whether personal information may be collected from sources other than the individual, describe the types and sources of collected information, identify potential disclosures of personal information, describe the individual’s right to access, correct, or delete recorded personal information, and disclose that insurance support organizations may retain or disclose reports they have prepared regarding an individual. Arizona authorizes insurance institutions and insurance producers to use an abbreviated notice so long as the notice discloses that information may be obtained from persons other than the individual, that disclosure of personal information to third parties without an individual’s authorization may occur, that individuals have a right to access and correct personal information, and that individuals may request a copy of the full notice.
When an insurance institution or insurance producer is obligated to provide notice to an individual that has or applies for group or blanket coverage, the insurance institute or insurance producer may fulfill their obligation by providing notice to the group or blanket policyholder or sponsor.  
Insurance institutions and insurance producers may electronically issue a notice of information practices so long as the recipient agrees; otherwise such notices must be issued in writing.