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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Nur § 402.04

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“Disciplinary sanctions under the board of registration in optometry regulations”

All licensed nursing assistants, practical nurses, advanced registered nurse practitioners engage in misconduct if they:

  • Steal human or material resources;
  • Provide care in an inaccurate or negligent manner;
  • Physically, mentally, and/or verbally abuse, battery, exploitation, harassment, or neglect of individuals;
  • Fail to maintain standards of practice;
  • Fail to take appropriate action to safeguard individuals from incompetent health care or health care providers;
  • Any pattern of behavior of professional misconduct that is incompatible with the standards of practice;
  • Discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, nature of illness or health status, or physical or mental infirmity;
  • Fail to record or report in an accurate manner patient care data or health care records; OR
  • Violate patients’ right to confidentiality or privacy.


Current as of June 2015