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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Mhp §502.02

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“Mental health bill of rights under the board of mental health practice regulations”

The Board of Mental Health Practice must provide each mental health practitioner with a client bill of rights, which must be posted prominently in the mental health practitioners’ offices. Every mental health practitioner must provide a client of a copy of the mental health bill of rights.

The mental health bill of rights provides clients with the following rights:

  • To be treated in a professional, respectful, competent and ethical manner;
  • To receive full information about one’s treatment;
  • To have medical information kept confidential;
  • To a safe setting and to know that the services provided are effective and of a quality consistent with the standard of care and to know that sexual relations between a mental health provider and a client are a violation of the law;
  • To obtain information pertaining to the mental health provider’s assessment, assessment procedures and mental health diagnoses;
  • To participate meaningfully in the planning, implementation and termination or referral of one’s treatment;
  • To documented information consent;
  • To obtain information regarding the provision for emergency coverage;
  • To receive a copy of mental health records within 30 days upon written request; and
  • To know that one’s mental health provider is licensed by the State of New Hampshire to provide mental health services/

Current as of June 2015