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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules He-P §601.10

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“Duties and responsibilities to other qualified agencies under the division of public health services regulations”

An other qualified agency must prepare a policies and procedures manual that contains a confidentiality policy.

An other qualified agency must:

  • Monitor and ensure the quality of personal care service and/or intermediary services added to individuals;
  • Comply with the Department of Health and Human Services’ quality assurance procedures;
  • Develop a system for receiving and processing complaints including a complaint and appeal process, referrals to the Department of Health and Human Services’ ombudsman program, and reports of abuse or neglect.

(f) An other qualified agency must notify individuals of his or her rights and responsibilities including:

  • The right to select their own personal care service worker;
  • The process for referring to individuals selected personal service worker to the other qualified agency for hire;
  • The other qualified agency’s criteria for selecting or not selecting the personal care service worker chosen by the individual.

An other qualified agency must develop a system for customer service and the provision of personal care services including:

  • A communication access plan for the provision of communication access or clients with limited English proficiency, blindness or hearing loss, vision loss, and/or speech impairments; and
  • The availability of alternative communication forms.


Current as of June 2015