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New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules He-M § 204.02

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“Definitions under the division of mental health and developmental services regulations”

 “Abuse” is an act or omission by an employee, subcontracted service provider, consultant, student, intern or volunteer of a program which is not accidental and harm or trends to harm an individual’s physical, mental or emotional health or safety.  Abuse includes emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

“Emotional abuse” means the misuse of authority, harassment, or unreasonable confinement that result in the mental anguish or emotional distress of an individual.

“Exploitation” means the use of an individual’s personal property for another as profit or advantage or breach of fiduciary relationship through improper use of an individual’s person or property.

“Neglect” means an act or omission which results or is likely to result in the deprivation of essential services necessary to maintain mental, emotional, or physical health and safety of an individual.

“Physical abuse” means the use of physical force which results or is likely to result in physical injury to an individual.

“Sexual abuse” means contact or interaction of a sexual nature between an individual and an employee, a consultant, or volunteer of a program.


Current as of June 2015