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M.S.A. §62J.41

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Data from Providers

Providers are required to collect and provide patient specific information as well as descriptive and financial aggregate data on patients.  The following information must be collected by providers:

  1. Total number of patients served;
  2. Number of patients served by state and county;
  3. Location where health services were provided;
  4. Provider’s total number of employees, by type;
  5. Services and costs where no payment was received;
  6. Total revenue by type of payor (Medicare, Medicaid, individual patients, HMOs)
  7. Revenue from research;
  8. Revenue from educational activities;
  9. Revenue from out of pocket payments by patients;
  10. Revenue from donations;
  11. Report on health care capital expenditures;
  12. Other data required by the Commissioner of Health.

Providers must submit the data by April 1 for the preceding year. 

Current as of June 2015