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M.S.A. §62J.321

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Data Collection and Processing Procedures

The Commissioner of Health can require health plans and health care providers to collect data and provide patient records and claims records and cooperate with the data collection process.  Health care providers and health plans may be required to submit patient mailing lists to the Commissioner.  Patient consent is not needed for the release of data to the Commissioner.  When a group purchaser, health plan or provider provides patient information through electronic means, the individually identifiable information must be encrypted.  Health plans and providers must use a standard patient identifier and a standard identifier for providers and health plan companies when reporting data.  If a health plan or provider intentionally fails to provide the requested data, the state may take regulatory or disciplinary action against the entity.  The Commissioner may also obtain a court order to force a provider to produce the required data. 

In order to fulfill the requirements of data collection under M.S.A. §62J.311, data collection must continue for a long enough period of time to allow for the analysis of the data by researchers.  Data that identifies individuals is private data, while data not relating to individuals is nonpublic data.  There are safeguards in place to protect against the release of information that would identify individual patients, providers, employers or health plans.  Summary data, including nonpublic data on individuals, that is collected may be made public.  Data relating to nonpublic or private data may be published if it relates to health care coat and spending, quality, outcomes, utilization, but cannot make public individual identifying information. 

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Current as of June 2015