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M.S.A. §145.4131

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Recording and Reporting Abortion Data

The Commissioner of Health must develop a standardized abortion reporting form for all providers to use.  Physicians who perform abortions must submit the reporting form by April 1 that includes all of the abortions performed in the previous year.  The abortion form must include the following information to be reported:

  1. Number of abortions performed by the physician, reported by month.
  2. Method of abortion.
  3. Gestational age in specified increments of weeks.
  4. Age of the woman at the time the abortion was performed.
  5. Specific reason for abortion (rape, incest, emotional health, physical health of woman)
  6. Number of prior induced abortions.
  7. Number of prior spontaneous abortions.
  8. If abortion was paid for through insurance, self paid or public assistance.
  9. Type of insurance coverage plan that was used, such as fee for service, capitation.
  10. Complications, if any of the abortion.
  11. Medical specialty of physician performing abortion.

Current as of June 2015