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M.S.A. §144.4804

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Reporting relating to tuberculosis

A physician or health care provider must report a case of tuberculosis to the commissioner or disease prevention officer within 24 hours of obtaining knowledge.  A copy of the patient’s medical record must be transmitted to the disease prevention officer within 72 hours of reporting.  A health care provider must report an individual if provider has knowledge that the individual:

1)      has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis; 

2)      is clinically suspected of having active tuberculosis;

3)      refuses to take a test for tuberculosis but is clinically suspected of having it;

4)      refuses to continue treatment for tuberculosis, has failed to take medication, or seek other treatment for the condition;

5)      refuses to follow contagion warnings for tuberculosis after being warned by health care providers.   

Health care providers must report the following information:

1)      the patient’s name, date of birth, address or last known address, and telephone number;

2)      date and specific circumstances that caused the reporting;

3)      the reporting person’s title, name, address and telephone number;

4)      any other relevant information.

The law penalizes false reports made under the section by making that person liable to the person who has suffered actual damages from the false report in a lawsuit.

Current as of June 2015