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M.S.A. §144.053

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Research Studies Confidential

All information collected or retained by the Commissioner of Health as a result of a study to reduce morbidity and mortality must remain confidential and be used only for scientific or research purposes.  The information that has been collected cannot be used as evidence in any court or be disclosed by the Commissioner or any other person unless it is to further research.  If a provider, hospital or other entity provides information to the Commissioner, that person or entity will not be subject to any legal action.  A violation of the confidentiality clause constitutes a misdemeanor and can be punishable based on the appropriate guidelines. 

The Commissioner is not required to obtain identifying information if it is determined that:

  •          The study is used to detect health issues and measure prevalence or incidence of disease;
  •          Personal identifying information is not necessary to validate the study’s quality or accuracy;
  •         The collection of indentifying information would jeopardize the study’s validity.

Current as of June 2015