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M.S.A. § 144.698

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Reporting requirements

If a hospital or outpatient surgical center has not filed its financial information with a voluntary, nonprofit reporting organization, it must file the following information annually with the Commissioner of Health:

  • A balance sheet outlining assets, liabilities, and net worth;
  • Detailed statement of income and expenses;
  • A copy of the most recent cost report;
  • Copy of all changes to the articles of incorporation or bylaws;
  • Information on services provided to benefit the community, including providing reduced fees to patients, teaching and research activities, and community and charitable events;
  • Information on changes in ownership or control;
  • Information on the number of available beds for special services;
  • From outpatient surgical centers, the total number of surgeries;
  • Report on health care capital expenditures;
  • Other information required by the Commissioner.

If a reporting organization operates more than one hospital out outpatient surgical center, the Commissioner may require separate reports for each facility.  The Commissioner may also require attestations that the information contained in the reports is true.  All reports filed under this section are public information unless they contain privileged medical information.  If the Commissioner believes the reports are not accurate or they are not filed, the Commissioner has the right to inspect the hospital or outpatient surgical center’s books, audits, and records.

Current as of June 2015