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M.S.A. § 144.6071

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Trauma Registry

Minnesota has established a central registry of all persons who sustain major trauma.  The registry was created to assist in clinical and quality improvement, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.  Any trauma hospital must be a part of the registry.  However, individual patient consent is not required.  The hospital must electronically submit the following information to the registry:

  •          Patient’s demographic information
  •          Information of time and date of the injury
  •          Condition of patient or injured person
  •          Treatment and diagnosis
  •          Outcome and disposition of patient
  •          Other information requested by the Commissioner of Health. 

Any person who reports the above information will not be subject to liability if the reporting was done in good faith.  Individually identifiable data is considered private data, but summary registry data put out by the Commissioner is public information.  The Commissioner puts out an annual report based on the trauma registry.

Current as of June 2015