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MN ADC 4643.0030

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Registry Reporting Requirements

Hospitals are required to submit all reports regarding reportable cases of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury to the Commissioner of Public Health.  The reports must be submitted within 60 days of the patient’s death, discharge or transfer from acute care.  The hospital must ensure that all submitted reports are accurate and complete before submitting them to the Commissioner.  Each reportable case must contain patient data that includes the following:

  •          Name
  •          Address
  •          State of residence
  •          Telephone number
  •          Date of birth
  •          Gender
  •          Race/ethnicity
  •          Social security number
  •         Insurance type or payment source
  •         Name of parent/guardian for patients under 18.

The report must also include injury circumstance data such as the date, time and location of the injury, E-codes, toxicology reports, employer, and use of protective equipment.  Other information that must be included in the report is injury source data.  This refers to information about the person completing the report as well as information from the patient’s medical record, such as the record number, date transferred from acute care and the patient’s attending physician. 

Current as of June 2015