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Minn. Stat. § 254A.09

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Confidentiality of records

All substance abuse treatment records are confidential and privileged to the patient and may only be disclosed according to the statute.

Disclosure With Consent

A client may give written information that substance abuse treatment information may be disclosed.

Disclosure Without Consent

Disclosure of substance abuse treatment information is permitted without consent only for research purposes.

Disclosure Pursuant to Court Order

The statute further provides that “[p]ersons authorized to protect the privacy of subjects of research may not be compelled in any federal, state or local, civil, criminal, administrative or other proceeding to identify or disclose other confidential information about the individuals.”

However, the statute provides that a court may order the disclosure of information if it is relevant to a civil or criminal investigation or proceeding, and that the public interest and need for disclosure is weighed against injury to the patient and treatment program.

The court ordered disclosure must also comply with the provisions in Minn. Stat. § 595.02(2); these requirements substantially mirror the requirements in 42 C.F.R. Part 2.

Current as of June 2015