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Medical Staff, 048-0061-17 Wyo. Code R. § 7

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Medical Staff
Establishes minimum standards for the medical staff of critical access hospitals. Requires these facilities to have a physician on staff who directs the facility’s health care activities and provides consultations to non-physician health care providers. Requires the staff physician to review and sign the medical records of patients admitted by mid-level practitioners within 15 days of their discharge, to help develop the facility’s service policies, and to create guidelines for medically managing health problems such as those that necessitate referrals or consultations. Requires the staff physician to be physically at the facility at least once every two weeks and to be available through telecommunication when not physically present. Clarifies that the physician is not required to appear at the facility once every two weeks if the facility has no inpatients during that time. Tasks mid-level practitioners on the facility’s staff with providing health care services, helping to establish service guidelines, reviewing patient medical records alongside a physician, referring patients for services that the facility cannot provide, and maintaining and transferring patient health records.

Current as of January 2019