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Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 112, § 12R - Written statement of reasons for abortion; tests on pregnant patients prior to abortions; various reports –

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“Written statement of reasons for abortion as required by Sec. 12M; tests on pregnant patients prior to abortions; report to commissioner, contents; filing; statistical tables, annual report to general court; additional reports”
This sectionprovides that where a physician performing an abortion is not the one who made the medical judgment required by section 12M, such physician must obtain a written statement from the physician that made the medical judgment.  Such written statement must state why the abortion fits within the exception of section 12M.  In addition, the physician must make a positive determination of pregnancy, prior to performing the abortion. This section also lists what a physician performing an abortion must report within 30 days to the commissioner of public health, including a copy of the written statement.
The physician performing the abortion shall retain in his files for seven years after the abortion a copy of the report to which he should attach or otherwise add the name of the mother. The original of the report filed with the commissioner shall not contain the name of the mother and shall be maintained by the commissioner as a public record. The commissioner shall prepare from these reports such statistical tables with respect to maternal health, abortion procedures, the unborn child, and viability as he deems useful and shall make an annual report thereof to the general court. Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the authority of the department of public health to require reports pursuant to sections twenty-four A and twenty-five A of chapter one hundred and eleven.

Current as of June 2015