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Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 111, §111B - Malignant disease and benign brain-related tumor registry; reports

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“Malignant disease and benign brain-related tumor registry; reports”
The department must establish a registry to record certain cases of malignant disease and benign brain-related tumors that occur in residents of the commonwealth.This information will be use to conduct epidemiologic surveys of cancer and benign brain-related tumors and to apply appropriate preventive and control measures.The department must maintain comprehensive records of all reports submitted pursuant to this section. Such reports shall be confidentialand be released by the department only upon written request of the patient, his guardian, executor, attorney, or other person designated in writing by said patient. These reports may also be released by the department to persons authorized by the commissioner to conduct research studies or to other persons, but no such studies shall identify the subjects of said reports or records

Current as of June 2015