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Judicial review; right to be informed, A.R.S. § 36-546

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“Judicial review; right to be informed; request; jurisdiction”
Persons receiving court ordered mental health treatment or their representatives may request their release by filing a form with the medical director. Upon receiving a request form, the medical director must submit the form and a psychiatric evaluation to the appropriate court and inform the person of their right to judicial review, their right to consult with an attorney, and their right to have an attorney represent them during a hearing on their release.
A court must appoint an attorney if the person does not already have representation. Court appointed attorneys must interview the person within 24 hours of their appointment, interview the person’s providers, examine the person’s clinical records, and examine the person’s court records.
The medical director must release a copy of a person’s medical records to their attorney at least 24 hours before the hearing on the person’s request for release.