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Iowa Maternal Prenatal Screening Program (IMPSP), I.A.C. r. 641-4.4

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Iowa maternal prenatal screening program (IMPSP)
Establishes standards and procures for the Iowa maternal prenatal screening program. Requires providers to offer pregnant persons screening for neural tube defects, Trisomy 18, Down syndrome, and ventral wall defects. Requires providers to submit samples to the state hygienic laboratory (SHL) for testing and for the Department of Public Health to designate a consulting physician to interpret the screening results. Mandates annual reporting by the consulting physician and SHL on the number of screenings, screening results, quality assurance testing, and educational efforts. Classifies screening program information and records as confidential and prohibits disclosure unless it occurs in specified circumstances (e.g., to the person screened, to a primary care provider, etc.). Authorizes disclosure of screening information to  researchers so long as the patient consents, the information is necessary for the research, and the Department and State Board of Health have authorized the study.