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Infant care review committee, A.R.S. § 36-2284

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“Infant care review committee”
Arizona encourages health care institutions to create infant care review committees either solely or together with other institutions. Infant care review committee materials, proceedings, and records are confidential. However, committee findings and recommendations may be documented in an infant’s medical record. An infant’s parents, legal guardian, physicians, or the department of safety may request access to the date and time of a review, the persons that will appear or present information at the view, committee recommendations, and the infant’s medical record number.
Arizona prohibits persons that participate in an infant care review proceeding or have access to infant care review records from testifying in a judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding about the substance of an infant care review proceeding or any statements or opinions made by persons during the proceeding. However, a representative of an institute may testify as to the occurrence of infant care review if the institution is the defendant in an action alleging negligence in the institution’s performance of an infant care review.
Persons that provide records or information to an infant care review committee are immune from civil and criminal liability that may arise in connection with providing information. This immunity does not extend to claims arising from a provider’s treatment of a patient.
Arizona permits health care institutions to use infant care review information for research or statistical purposes so long as the institution keeps patient identities confidential.