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Identifying information - 10-144-253 Me. Code R. § 5

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Every individual's health care information is confidential and may not be disclosed other than to the individual by the health care practitioner or facility. This does not prohibit a health care practitioner or health care facility from adhering to applicable ethical or professional standards provided that these standards do not decrease the protection of confidentiality. 

An individual may sign a written authorization to disclose his or her confidential information for a specific purpose. The written authorization is valid as long as it includes: the name and signature of the individual and the date of signature; the types of persons authorized to disclose the information and the nature of the information to be disclosed; the identity or description of the 3rd party to whom the information is to be disclosed; the specific purpose of the disclosure; the duration of the authorization; a statement that the individual may refuse authorization to disclose all or some health care information; a statement that the authorization may be revoked at any time by the individual by executing a written revocation; and a statement that the individual is entitled to a copy of the authorization form.


Current as of June 2015