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Healthstart: Health Support Services, N.J.A.C. 10:58A-3.7

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Healthstart: Health Support Services
New Jersey allows Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) to provide HealthStart health support services so long as they have an affiliation or agreement with the patient’s obstetrician. HealthStart Health support services must include the following components: (1) care coordination services (e.g. developing a care plan, transferring records to future providers); (2) nutrition assessments and basic guidance services (e.g. obtaining a nutrition history, monitoring weight changes); (3) social-psychological assessments and basic guidance services (e.g. identifying the woman’s financial resources and support systems, assessing the woman’s feeling regarding her pregnancy); (4) health education assessment and instruction (e.g. providing education on pregnancy and childcare) ; and (5) a face-to-face preventive health contact that will be available to the woman during the period between her hospital discharge and postpartum visit.

Current as of June 2015