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Establishment and Duties of the Office of Minority Health - Mo. Rev. Stat. §192.083

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The Office of Minority Health is a division of the Department of health and senior services.  The Office must monitor departmental programs for their impact on eliminating health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities.  Specifically, the Office must:

  •         Address new issues related to minority health;
  •         Increase cultural sensitivity within the Department’s programs and personnel;
  •         Develop health education programs specifically for minorities;
  •         Seek extramural funding for programs;
  •         Develop community resources;
  •         Have interagency communications to ensure initiatives are carried out;
  •         Ensure that programs are designed to address the unique needs of minorities;
  •         Review the impact of Department programs on minorities;
  •         Coordinate educational programs on disease reduction in minority populations.

Current as of June 2015