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Disclosure of Mental Health and Psychological Information - Iowa Code § 228.2 et seq.

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Records and information relating to the mental health of an individual are confidential and privileged to the patient, and may only be disclosed in accordance with the statute.
Disclosure With Consent:
A patient or a patient’s legal representative may consent to the disclosure of information relating to their mental health in writing. The signed authorization must include:
·         A description of the information to be disclosed
·         Information regarding the right to revoke consent
·         The length of time that authorization is valid
·         The date
Disclosure Without Consent:
Mental health information may be disclosed without a patient’s consent under the following circumstances:
·         For purposes of securing payment, provided that a patient is given the opportunity to arrange for payment first
·         In an action to recover payment, provided that disclosure is limited to the extent necessary
·         For research, audit or program evaluation purposes, provided that patient-identifying information is not redisclosed
·         Between providers as necessary to facilitate treatment
·         Providers must disclose confidential information to comply with mandated reporting laws
·         In connection with a court-ordered examination or with an involuntary commitment proceeding
·         To a specified family member involved in providing care for the patient, if the disclosure is necessary to provide care for the patient

Current as of June 2015