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Confidentiality of information contained in records, N.D. Cent Code § 50-06-15

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Confidentiality of Information contained in records -- penalty. 
Classifies individually identifiable information regarding Medicaid applicants or recipients as confidential. Permits disclosure of such information for administrative purposes, when authorized by law, or in accordance with Department of Human Services rules. Requires persons that lawfully receive individually identifiable information from the Department to agree to maintain its confidentiality. Classifies reports regarding providers of Department services or Medicaid applicants or recipients as as confidential. Specifies the circumstances in which such reports may be disclosed (e.g., to public officials that need the information to carry out their duties, to persons that are the subject of the reports, and to researchers that need the information for an IRB approved project). Persons that disclose confidential information are subject to the penalties established in N.D. Cent. Code, § 12.1-13-01.